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Since completing the Writers Lab at Amsterdam's Binger Filmlab, Matthew has created a number of original and commissioned short and feature screenplays, currently at various stages of development. Brilliance

Medido Connected

Graphics: Ka-Ching Cartoons
Short - Drama
Producer and original screenplay writer. Director: Miles Roston. A Netherlands-Poland-UK English-language production by Curlewis Creative and Film Polska, co-produced by Spier Films. Starring Richard Cordery, Kate Fahy, Patrick O'Kane, Lyne Renee, Malwina Buss & Michal Wojciula. Full website: brilliance-shortfilm.com
Medido Connected
Short - Business
Wrote the script for a 3 minute video, plus the copy for a 6 page brochure explaining a new medical product. Developed by Brandwalk agency, Amsterdam
Love Attack
Feature - Comedy Romance
Developed at the Binger's Writers Lab.
Breath of Life
Feature - Contemporary and period drama, based on true stories
Shortlisted for both the 2010 Sundance Sloan Foundation Commissioning Grant and the 2010 Tribeca Film Institute Sloan Filmmaker Fund
See Fur Fly
Feature - Animation
In development
From Outback... to Upfront
Feature - Drama
Kakkerlak! A Nuclear Opera - (click for screenplay excerpt)
25 minute short - Animation Opera
Commissioned by Ka-Ching Cartoons, Rotterdam. Producer: Kasander Film
Funded by the Dutch Film Fund and Rotterdam Film Fund
Paige Turner in Extasis
20 minute short - Drama


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